Councilwoman Denise Diaz is an experienced small business leader and innovative nonprofit executive who is currently running to represent the Gateway Cities of California State Senate District 33.

Councilwoman with a Proven Track Record

Elected citywide to serve on the South Gate City Council in 2017, Denise has enhanced her community by focusing on job creation, economic development, and public and traffic safety. As a Councilwoman, Denise has helped South Gate build an impressive municipal reserve fund and position the city as the business-friendly gem of SD 33. She has also spearheaded a youth employment program to train the future workforce of her community. By authorizing the removal of 900,000 square feet of graffiti, allocating $1.8 million for the greening of Long Beach Blvd., and taking a leadership role in favor of Measure W – a wide reaching clean water program – Denise has contributed to health and wellbeing of city residents.

Putting the Needs of People First

Denise believes that government should be transparent, accessible and accountable, and that’s why she has adopted an open-door policy for all residents. As a Councilwoman, Denise encourages her constituents to attend council meetings and voice their opinions so that all decisions made can reflect the needs of the community.

Small Business Leader and Neighborhood Advocate

During the last twenty years, Denise has worked alongside her family to expand their popular, community-oriented small business. As a past member of the Tweedy Merchant Association and an active member of both the South Gate Women’s Club and South Gate Rotary, Denise has developed a keen understanding of the challenges local business owners and community organizations face. As an advocate for healthy and sustainable communities, she served as a founding member of the Environmental Action Team. She is also an executive board member of the East LA Classic Theatre, a theatre arts program that serves elementary and high schools across Los Angeles.

Bridge Builder with Deep Roots in the Community

Denise is currently the Director a non-profit organization that encourages civic and economic empowerment for immigrant communities in LA County. Her unique role gives her an opportunity to develop meaningful public-private partnerships to address the needs of residents in Senate District 33 and beyond. Having been born, raised and educated in the City of South Gate, Denise is a proud product of our vibrant neighborhoods. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from California State University, Long Beach, and received a post-graduate certificate in International Business from the esteemed Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Guadalajara, Mexico.